One Photo an Hour: `Saturday 1/11/14

By Unknown - November 02, 2014

Happy New month!!! its the 1st of November, the year has gone by really really fast, i can just smell 2015 already.! my post today for the next x amount of hours would be taking one photo an hour, I have been up since 5am trying to organise myself for the day, I am actually suppose to be heading to London now for ABS but some priority took preeminence plus I had less than 1hr sleep all night.
11am, I headed to the post office to pick up my parcel

12noon i went car shopping, trading in my car for a new car.

1pm saying good bye to my 10months old baby, mama's going to miss u, I loved this guy dou.
packing my stuffs out

its good bye for now i guess.
2pm finished all the paper work and went to see my new baby, i still prefer my old car, its alot bigger.

the customer service here is second to none, they practically drove me around yesterday to some of the places i needed to get to while the vehicle was been sorted out. am glad I finally got this done today this is like the main reason why i didn't go to London today 
3pm to 6pm I was sleeping away after the morning stress, plus I was awake almost the whole night! no pix sorwi

6pm started my pillow diy project
7pm finished my pillow DIY and put them on display
8pm went on to relax my friends hair
9pm went to organise dinner,
10pm done making dinner, this meals sure do take forever to make, eating this late? phewww, am not even helping myself. what can i do? my last picture for today.
Am off to read my books now. stay tunned for my pillow DIY.

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