All Black Everything.

By Unknown - November 06, 2014

We are a product of what we think, if you think you can make it, your mind works towards making it happen. Likewise, if you think you can’t, then you won’t.                

Its getting really chilly now but there's no rush to put on multiple layers of clothes, so I wore this dress i got off eBay, the shoes was gotten off eBay, the heels are really high dou, more like climbing a ladder and I cant guarantee my safety and comfort on them heels, so I always have flat shoes on me with heels this high and the coat I got from H&M, I just love this coat, the moment I saw it in the shop, I was like... I just have to have it, and I went straight for it.

Bag: Selfridges
Wristwatch: DKNY
Jewelries: F21

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