My First Summer + Holiday Collection

By Unknown - May 22, 2016

 Hi Guys, happy sunday, hope you are well, from the blog title, am sure you can tell what this post is about. So as most of you might already know I started sewing as a hobby less than two years ago, when people started requesting I make things for them, I did make alot of free thing even till now, well because I did it for fun. 

Then I randomly thought about it one day and am like, wait a minute, I can actually start charging people for this and end this father Christmas session already, so the journey began, first off I went to brush up my sewing skills at the university of art London, I did alot post about it sometime ago. I also went to Nigeria for some weeks to do some intense freehand sewing lesson and I have done alot of pattern cutting and sewing in Manchester and decided to take the sewing hobby into something a bit more serious but I still make freebies every now and then depending on my mood, lool.

I do have an etsy shop which is a couple of months old. Go check it out HERE. we ship worldwide (before you ask). 

As the brand is in its starting years, I thought it was time for a summer/holiday collection, so I did a mix of Ankara (African print) with some floral print and plain print to come up with this summery/holiday collection. I have worn a few of this items on the few holidays I have been on and in events I have attended within the UK (the compliments can sometimes be overwhelming and I dont mind), I have to be my own billboard right! 

Sometimes I ask myself where does all this energy come from considering I work full-time (9am to 5pm) in a field (IT) and Job I love, yes you heard me, I love my Job maybe because I work with only older men, less stressful beings! lol)) and I get my blog post ready which is not the easiest thing to do as most people that blog already know (preparing a post; taking pictures, editing them, thinking of what stories to tell is alot to do sometimes) and then sewing as well which keeps me awake till like 1.30am at the earliest (and sometimes go to bed at 3 or 4ish, only sometimes, so please dont judge and I take alot of undiluted holidays), my body has gotten use to it now and I am like thank God for strength, giving me the idea, skill and Talent and I am not taking it for granted.

So I'll push my new found love along with a full time job and blogging, phewww that's alot to handle but the strength of God keeps me going and my bestie gives me a push every now and then because I can be lazy sometimes. lol. Hope you love my first collection as mush as I do.

thanks to the fantastic team that helped put this together and the best photographer ever BFace Photos. if you stay in or around Manchester, actually if you live on planet earth, go check him out on FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM

please Dont forget to leave a comment and let me know what you think of my new collection.

Thanks for stopping by.

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Stay Blessed

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  1. The collection Is beautiful. I love the white kaftan you're wearing and the yellow jumpsuit too. Wish you the very best as you start out.

  2. These collections are really lovely dear... well done! The Lord is your strength.

  3. lovely !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Great job Ifiok. Very impressive. Go girl!

  5. So pretty..the outfits are on point!

  6. Wow this is amazing, I love the skirts and the dress you are wearing!!
    DeeVine Anonyme

  7. OMG you are such a talented person I really admire your work and the collection is so pretty love the skirts and dresses you slay girl keep it up for sure in the future you will do great things

  8. Absolutely stunning work!! And congratulations, you are this weeks most viewed beautiful blogger. Thank you so much for sharing with #linkupwithlisa @

  9. Wow! Your collection is absolutely stunning. Breathtaking actually! I love the colors and prints and fabrics! I am particularly lusting after the maxi skirts! I will for sure be checking out your etsy shop! Absolutely beautiful. You are so talented!



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