Las Vegas through my Lens!

By Unknown - January 13, 2016

Hey People, happy hump day, in my last week's post here, I mentioned that the last bit of my adventurous trip would be made in a later post, staying through to my word, like I have a choice, Today's post is about my trip to the Sin City in real life.!

If your up to date on my blog post activities, you would remember when I did the "its Vegas baby post for!, well at that time, I had never been to Vegas or dreamt that I will visit Vegas in 5yrs time nor did I even know the names of the hotel I mentioned in the post ahahhah, I always wanted to go, but somewhere in my head and the people around me, kept saying your bank account has to be really fat and hefty to even go there in the first place.  oh how wrong where they? (I'll do a future post with going to vegas on a budget and having so much fun! yes! its so possible.) So it wasn't even on my to do list for next year, let alone 4 months after putting up the post, but fast forward to September, my bestie and I were thinking of what to do for Christmas and because I like to plan well in advance sometimes. we initially wanted to go to Dubai to watch the fireworks on new year's eve but somehow the thought of Vegas came up, very randomly and we were like, lets do this!

I actually went to Vegas for Christmas and new year and have finally ticked it off my bucket list *drum roll* yaayhhhh, I see myself going back there soon, maybe in summer this time, hahahaha, thats how much I loved it. I had the time of my life, just thinking about it, makes me smile from ear to ear.

I did take a little too many pix but would need to post the rest in my next blog post, so again, do stay tuned.! In the meantime, this is Vegas through my lens!!

when you have like a thousand pictures, its kinda hard to choose which to upload and which to leave out phewwww. I kinda like the fact that most of the tourist attractions in other large cities in the world was incorporated into the design of Vegas.! Cute.!

Look out for my next post on 10 things to do in Vegas.

Thanks for reading.

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Stay Blessed

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  1. Great pictures! I was just there during Christmas time too! Always fun, but it always drains my bank account!

    1. thanks Kaylen. Yasss i agree, my account was well drained.

  2. Vegas is fabulous. Glad you finally went and that you had fun. Great shots babe!


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