Its a Year Already, Yayhhh!

By Unknown - November 17, 2014

Being adventurous is not just in travelling but also in living. I always wanted to do/try something new. By this time last year, I decided to put my wish into action. I have always wanted to learn how to draw patterns and make my own clothes, but I never found the time to do so. Plus after checking the cost online, it was quite expensive and the only place I thought I could get a proper training was in London because there was no training place in Manchester and its surroundings which is quite unbelievable, or I probably didn't look well enough. But.... If only my head had just told me that, YouTube and self-taught would have worked quite well and/or maybe better.

Anyhu, so I Found myself at the University of Arts London, for 5 weekends learning the made to measure womens wear fashion designing course, my tutor, Maria, knew her onions, the lady is good, very friendly and a great tutor. And I enjoyed every bit of it, with my friends that housed me during that period, merci beaucoup. paying for hotel wasn't just on my list.

Doing this course was not for the intention to make money but just to see something on a celeb and twerk it to my own style and make it, or think of some random and intriguing idea, drape, draw the pattern and sew the outfit was more the purpose. Because, I do see dresses and cant get it either because its custom made or it takes ages and some good cash to make it, but if I can do it myself, why not! and if it brings in cash along the way, why not?, I'll go for it. 

I was only taught how to make a skirt, which I didn't quite master at the time (I had an option of learning to make a trouser or a skirt). I registered to learn some more on an online site and then I realized YouTube was also a great teacher, thank goodness, you cant imagine how excited I was. YouTube has been a life saver, you can practically learn everything there, how to make up, make your hair, dress up, eat, speak, everything literally, even how to drink water or pamper yourself, ahahhaha, but yeah, it was such a great idea. And for people that share these ideas on that platform, I cant thank you all enough, keep doing what you do.

In this one year of self-taught Part-Time Fashion designing, because I work full time and only get some evenings and weekends to put my right brain to action, in addition to trying to live as well. I have gone from a novice level to good level, the first set of clothes I made was just a no no, I cant even show it in public ahahaha, but I have kept it in my archive to be displayed later in future. 

Some pix of the school, classrooms.
One of my pattern making classes
Outside the school during the day

Inside the school

One of the several classrooms
Work station

Outside the school at night.
And some of my design already on the blog, click on the pix to see the pix in full.
One of my several diy, Out for a wedding DIY Skirt and Peplum top

Out with the girls n evening dinner, DIY Short

My friend's baby christening DIY Skirt

Sunday/Church Outfit, DIY Skirt. No link to this one.
the next set of post over the next couple of days would be friends wearing some my self made outfit. 

Stay blessed and thanks for taking time to read through my epistle...

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