Travel Thursday: My Slovenia Diary and first scuba diving experience

By Unknown - June 09, 2016

Hi people hope you are well. we had a long weekend last week because of the bank holiday on Monday, so i decided it was time for a new adventure. my friend went to Slovenia and i decided to join in the trip as we had a long weekend and who says know to visiting a new city anyways. i took off on a Thursday evening and arrived on Friday evening, it was indeed a long trip plus i had a lay over in Paris. when i got into Ljubljana (this is the capital is Slovenia)  and i was also staying in the coast of the capital which is two hours away from the airport.

on my arrival day, I had so much food and ice cream, oh and the hotel offered a half board package and their meal was awesometastic, i kinda like the idea of half board or full board cos you eat without thinking of the cost. later that evening, I went for a gathering/get together/gala not sure of the right name to call it but you get my drift right!

the second and most important day was were all the fun was, we decided to go scuba diving, just to quickly mention, scuba diving has always been on my to do list for such a long time now and i have been looking for opportunities to do it, as its always cold in the UK, its kinda hard to get it done here. so as soon as the opportunity came, i dived on it.

we went boat riding first which was absolutely beautiful. am sure i will one day own a yacht and sail across the Mediterranean, have family dinner and family holidays in... big dreams!

 alright back to the moment/reality! when we arrived our destination we went through some training video and the real fun began, i kinda looked like i wasn't scared, i was in control, lets do it, but deep down inside, my fear level was going to burst through me, i did see all the beautiful see creatures, my instructor (which by the way, i didn't let go of his hand for 1sec because i was that scared) was absolutely fantastic. i kept going in and out of the water because my ears would not pop when i try to regularise and  i kept thinking 'suppose my airtank stops sending air through, or suppose something goes wrong and i cant go back up the water, or... too much thoughts, sometimes overthinking things actually stops or limits us from doing what we have to/want and need to do. I literally had to slap me out of the excess thought at some point and just enjoyed the moment. the whole experience is something you need to do if you haven't tried it before. it was awesometastic. I totally loved and enjoyed it, i definitely would try it again.

the rest of the trip consisted of eating loads of ice cream, I had more ice cream than I have had in the past 3yrs put together, no jokes.

Is it just me or do you find yourself eating in excess when you go on holiday, if you control your portions, please give me tips on what and how to do it.!

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Hope you enjoyed reading my post,

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  1. This looks like such an amazing trip, the pictures are awesome and you look like you're having fun!! <3

  2. Hi! Thanks for stopping by the linkup. Wow! I love the ocean and water, but dont have the nerve to scuba. It sounds wonderful though. I would like to snorkle. Love your bright summer outfit. What fun!
    Thanks for linking up with turning heads tuesday
    jess xx

    1. Thanks Jessica.! you should really try snorkelling, its such a good idea.!

  3. Such a lovely post. It looks like you had an amazing time. I have never gone scuba diving before. Cute outfit too.x

    1. thanks Stephy. i sure had an amazing time.

  4. Well looks like someone had a lot of fun. Great shots and I love the mix of prints. Beautiful! :)

  5. Gorgeous outfit! Love the top & shorts combo


  6. great post. beautiful picture, looks like you really had a great time

  7. so much fun, loving the ankara mix
    Happy Monday

  8. Scuba diving sounds fantastic. I can only imagine how wonderful it was. I'm happy for you x

    1. thanks Anca, its def. is a fantasic experience.


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