3 Ways to Pair a Circle Skirt.

By Unknown - November 10, 2014

Look 1: Blue ruffle turtle neck and full circle skirt

Look 2:  Blue stripped shirt, Black blazer and full circle skirt.

Look 3: Green tank top and the full circle skirt, also paired with a black blazer

Pairing a circle skirt might be a bit of a task, before I made this skirt for my friend, she was abit skeptical about circle skirts but after trying it on, she was quite happy about the fit, the fear of dresses though... lol. I do find it difficult wearing some outfit sometimes, am like what can I pair this with so I don't look like a clown, but really... anyway you wear an outfit is a style in its own sense. that's the whole importance of fashion/style to be adventurous.

Anyhu.. we managed to pair the skirt with some other tops and we came up with the above. hope you like is as much as i do.

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