DIY:Step by Step Process of Making Cushion/Sofa Pillows

By Unknown - November 03, 2014

  Materials needed
I.                    Fabric
II.                  Scissors
III.                Measuring tape
IV.                Pattern paper (optional)
V.                 Thread
VI.                Pillow filler
             ps. I didnt have to draw a pattern for this DIY, because its a straightforward measurement, any other DIY gets drawn on the pattern paper because I am use to drawing patterns and making stuffs off my drawn pattern.

     1. Prepare your Fabric: You can use whatever fabric you want to. I would be using the left over fabric from when i made my ottoman earlier. I decided to make four pillows, with a mix of white and black fur, i got a meter each of the white and black fabric. here is what the white fabric looks like.
2. Determine the size you want your pillow to be and cut the fabric in two equal halves.  My pillow is a 39cm by 39cm.
3. Put the two half fabric right sides together like so 
4. Sew three and half of the sides leaving half of one of the sides open.(you can iron at this point depending on the fabric you are using, since am using a fur like fabric, i wont be ironing it)
sew the fabric
the finished edges after sewing

5. Turn the fabric right sides out 

6. Stuff the fabric with some pillow cotton filler.
7. Fold half an inch of the open sides of the pillow and iron (depending on your fabric, but I wont be ironing the fabric am using)
8. Stitch the open edge with an invisible thread ( i sewed mine with a white thread which wont show through the finished look)
voila, the finished look
I made four of these cuties, i should have made them in different shapes, but I didn't really think about it then. I guess I might make some different shapes later but for now. that's what i came up with.

Stay Blessed

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