Birthday + Valentine's day + weekend rant

By Unknown - February 15, 2016

 Hey people, happy Sunday, its that time of the year again, the valentine weekend. hope you had a great valentine, well, mine was good, first of, it was my birthday on friday, yayyhhhhh, I was a year younger. so, I went out to dinner after work with my bestie and had such a great time.

fast forward to sunday which is the valentine's day we hear so much about, pheww am glad it finally over already ( this is the main reason for my rant), so I went to church, we had some vals day kinda day at church, I also had to do some photo shoot session with my friends to stock up on my etsy shop, I will be putting up some of the pix real soon. Guess what, I made the dress, took the pix myself and would be editing it myself if required. tell me about being a diy queen. yaassssss.

Anyways, after my photo shoot, I dropped my friends off and then had to drop my bestie at the train station and this is where the highlight of my whole weekend plays out. So you know when you start your car and it tell you, your petrol is low and you are like, ill just quickly go to where am going to and get to the petrol station on my way home and then you forget, I did this in the last two days and just as I was heading to the train stain this evening, just minutes from the train station, my car danced a bit of azonto and then stopped in my very before, oh lawddd and my panic nerve kicked it, then i get into been upset and am silently saying, oh lord who have I offended now, why didn't this thing just take me back home peacefully, well the answer was simple, I caused it, ahahhaha, the punishment for procrastination was real, I had to call the breakdown people and wait for a good 2hrs before they turn up.

Now just before they arrived I rang most of my friends to see who can come to my rescue. just to mention, I dont have many friend, I can literally count the amount of friends I have with just one hand and they are quiet loyal ( well it works both ways), sometimes am like I dont need battalions to call friends and they are no use in my life, the smaller my circle the more I can think straight.

Anyways one of my friends was right out the door, went to the petrol station and got petrol for me, and drove all the way to where I was, by this time I had been out hour. When we had finished putting the petrol, my battery had run out because I left my hazard light and head light on at the same time, like really, who does that, just me I guess (does any one know and can recommend schools/books for "know more about your car for dummies" because I am completely clueless on these things, there are times am like, God please gimme some mad money enough to have a driver and forget about this knowing your car jargons, phewwww, it tires me sometimes dou) so at the point my battery ran down am like, #thisisit!, does everything have to go wrong at the same time?

So my friend jumpstarts the car and just at the time my car came on, the breakdown car shows up, does nothing but I still have to sign for his call out? really? OMG, if I had known that I should have cancelled, like where did I drop my thinking caps fro real? (that's what panicking does to you right?) anyways my car is all working and am ready to go and I ask my friend to drive close to me, so I am sure no more drama takes place, I get close to my house but before then, I advised myself to top up on my petrol and then the final straw takes place, I wound down my drivers windows, am not sure what for and the silly thing refuses to go back up, at this point am like, this is it again, am driving back home in a 2degrees weather with wind slapping my face like "don't do this sh!!t next time",

I get home and the glass still wont wind up at this time I knew I had to solve this once and for all, I got down on my knees on the road in front of my house and said a few lines of prayer like "God if I have offended you and all this decides to happen in one night, please let this cup pass over me", ahhahaha, I can be drama like this sha, but really this things work, it does not have to a serious matter to pray about it, I know He's very busy with more important prayers and queries but this was a big deal to me right now and tadahhhh, like a dream, my glass winds up/wounds up (please pick the correct one) on the last try, hayyyyy, that wasnt easy but am glad the day is over already,

Now I can go off to bed and not fear my car be stuck on the raod and glass wound down and things get missing by morning. such an eventful day. how did yours go? leave a comment below.

ps. I think I have the best set of friends in my life, no jokes..!!

Hope you enjoyed reading my rant?



Dress: Made by me
unseen shoes: justfab
wrist watch: fossil

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