By Unknown - July 28, 2016

Hi people, hope you are well. this post has been long due, so I went to Copenhagen (capital of Denmark) towards the end of last month and its taken almost forever to get this post up as my schedule has been really busy. but hey, the post is finally here *caution* this is a picture overload post, so be prepared with a cuppa tea. lool!

So first night in Copenhagen we stayed in grand hotel just in the centre of the city, if you are looking for somewhere to stay when you visit this beautiful country/city, make sure to check them out. the receptionists were ever so helpful.

we went out that night which I usually do not do, as am always well tired from the trip, We went to shadescph night club as suggested by one of the guys at the reception, oboy!!! the place was lit. we had so much wonderfully made cocktails by our wonderful mixologist host and partied the night away, am not sure how I got back to my hotel room because for the first time in my adult years I had more drinks than I should have had.  that's what happens when the cocktail is too nice and doesn't feel like it has alcohol in it and the drinks were free.

so next day after our recovery (yes, it was a recovery process, am not sure how people drink drunk like all the time, its such a painful horrible feeling, well, for me dou!) we went on to explore the city, we had a bus tour and boat tour, we saw the little mermaid statue.

we also went to Tivoli gardens, watched a few shows there, had a wonder round, had a meal and watched people scream from the rides in the garden.


 we wandered around a bit more and absorbed the beauty of the city and its people. would definitely  be going back there in future. this holiday wasn't as chilled as the ones we have had so far, this year, ill really do with about two more holidays before I call it a year :).

 it felt like everyone owned a bicycle in this city, the roads had a massive bicycle lane and people had the right to carry their bicycles in a taxi, more like strapped to the taxi (i found this quite interesting).

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Stay Blessed

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  1. I love Copenhagen, it's great to hear that you had a great time over there. And about the drinking part... I'm guilty of going out and getting piss drunk to only wake up the next day happy and ready to go again. It's very weird how it all works, we know drinking too much is never good yet we go through the same routine almost every weekend.

    1. thanks Esther, i sure had a great time. ahahhaha, i agree with the drinking, i do it once in a yellow moon, most times only when am on holiday. :)


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