Motivation Monday: How bad do you want it?

By Unknown - July 18, 2016

Really! how bad do you want it.

 A wise man once said, there are three types of people, the ones that watch people do things, the ones that ask how things happen and the ones that actually make thing happen, the percentage that actually make things happen are few and the question is, how bad did they want it before they actually made things happen.

there are so many times in life when we want something in our lives, we want to get things done, we have a long endless list of goals and task we want to accomplish but we never ever get around to doing it. you have to maximise the moment, take every opportunity and never let it slip by you.

I was listening to Terri Savelle Foy, the preacher lady, in one of her teachings said; write your dreams on paper, pray about it everyday and act on it as well, because you know what the bible said? prayer without work is useless, you have to be doing something for God to bless you have to want it bad enough before you get it.

I have heard a few people says; God will give you houses you didnt build, vineyard you didnt work for...., as much as that can happen, you also need to get off your lazy ass and actually start working in that vineyard before it can be given to you.

you have to want something bad enough and go for it. three people in the bible that I see their lives as #goalgetters.

1. Blind Bartimaeus  received his sight; mark 10: 46-52, this man heard that Jesus was passing and asked for help. I will highlight a few points that showed he wanted this so bad.

a. he was blind and never saw Jesus but heard what He had done,; he wanted this bad enough to make enquiry about Jesus.

b. in the midst of the crowd he called for help; he wanted this bad enough and didn't allow the noise of the crowd stop him from receiving his sight.

c. he asked for help; he wanted this bad enough and even when the crowd tried to hush him. he screamed even louder, he didn't speak quietly or whisper for help, he actually screamed in the crowd to be heard.

d. Jesus heard his cry for help and went to his rescue: the blind man was consistent in his asking for help, he didn't ask once and stopped, he didn't keep quiet when the people hushed him, he didn't pay attention to what the crowd had to say of negative comments from the crowd. he was persistent, determined and got what he wanted, how bad did he want it? this are situations we also face in our day to day life, there are always so many odds against us, things try to get in your way to stop you from achieving what God had crested you for, you have to have the courage and determination to go for it and be consistent without giving up.

2. The woman with the issue of blood was made whole; Luke 8: 43 -48 pushed through a crowd to touch the hem of Jesus garment, you have to want it bad enough to do that, imagine trying to get through a crowd, say in a concert for example, you are trying to reach the front/ the stage, you have to really really push through the crowd to get to the front. This is the faith the woman had, she knew what she wanted, she had faith and then went for it without listening to the crowd.

3. The paralysed man tht receive healing and restoration. Mark 2: 1-12. The lame man and his friends had to open the roof of the house Jesus was preaching and dropped him from the roof. this is clearly a case of i need this bad enough.

Lets pause for awhile and read this passage in full, try and play the scenario as well to see how bad they really wanted it, to try to get through a crowd which wasn't possible, climbed to the top of the roof and started to remove the layers of the roof tried to drag the friend down in order to get to where Jesus was.

when you see people that succeed and the hard work they put into it, you cant just help but commend them. you have to want things so bad to shut the crowd up, push through the crown, scream out loud, take it by force, look for opportunities, pray about it and above all have faith that the one that can do exceeding abundantly above all you have ever asked, think or imagined will answer you.

Yes! you have to want it bad enough.

you have to Live the live God has created for you to live, your life can be better, richer, more wealthy than it currently is. you haven't even scratched the surface of how the things you are able to accomplish and to live your full potential.

Dont just exist, LIVE if you want it bad enough, GO FOR IT, forget the noise from the crowd, people will talk anyways.!

So that's it from me today.

Thanks  for stopping by. hope you enjoyed reading this post.

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Stay Blessed

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