African Print Skirt Collab

By Unknown - July 20, 2016

 Hi everyone, happy hump day, its been ages since i posted a fashion related post. so blog post today is a collab with this diva. I have been silently stalking her blog in like forever and her sense of style is everything, I noticed she took a few pix in familiar spot at my backyard (lol) so i decided a collab in outfit made by me would be a good idea. she is such a beauty in and out and it was great doing this post with her. make sure you check her out here.

Right! our outfit idea was not difficult to choose and with a weather this good, i though a colourful outfit with a bit of skin exposee would be a good idea.


Stephy is wearing a skirt from my online store available here
my skirt is available here
and our bags would be added soon to the store.

Thanks  for stopping by. hope you enjoyed reading this post. share your thought on our outfit and if your within Manchester and its axis and would fancy a collab, please let me know.

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Stay Blessed

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