Travel Thursday: My Dubai Experience Part 1 (My Missed Skydive + Flyboarding experience + Meydan Hotel Review)

By Unknown - November 11, 2016

Hey people, its another travel thursday and if you follow me on Instagram (if you dont, what are you waiting for.! it takes just one click) i have been out wandering the earth again as usual, so I visited two different countries and I absolutely loved every minute of it, am still trying to get back to the reality life with late nights and early mornings but this weather has made things all sorts of difficult (extremely cold, with short days and long night! oh lawd!) 

My first stop was in Dubai
I spent about 4 days in this city and each day was packed full with activities hence am going to have this Dubai post in three parts, just so I can day dream some more while writing the post, lool. Anyways. we stayed in Meydan hotel which was abit away from the centre of Dubai but it was absolutely worth it, the service here was awesometastic, i usually don't say much about the hotels I stay in, when I go on holiday but this one needed to have a special place in this post because it felt like a "small palace on a race course" (even the 5 star hotel i stayed in Las Vegas wasn't half as good as this, hmmm hmmm) and they also helped us plan our activities/times and days in Dubai as well as booked the tours for us, which was the best thing if not, we would have booked in too much and not had enough time because we wanted to do everything in a few days. lool. you can check out the hotel details here.

We  arrived very early in the morning and they still let us check in free of charge before the check in time (#surprisedlook), like seriously, it was that good.! ohkay ohkay ohkay.... enough of the hotel praises lets get back to the main post for today (BTW, its not a sponsored, review just giving my opinion). we stayed in all day on Sunday when we arrived.  

I thought its only fair that you see other parts of the hotel with me in it. ahahahaha. #self obsessed traveller.

The swimming pool is on top of the building and the best swimming pool I have seen yet.

Day 2 
On Monday was my skydive day which i was super excited and nervous about, I couldn't even have a proper sleep the previous night because I was so looking forward to this and seriously panicking. I got to the skydive venue very early and I had to pay the balance of the deposit I had already paid before coming. They did the usual health check and everything and guess what, i couldn't fly! *fainted*. my BMI was slightly higher than what its meant to have been, actually, lemme make this in simple terms, "they said i was too fat" lool. no thats not it, my weight had increased from when I booked to when i flew (the stress of moving house, driving more than 1000 miles in one week, no jokes, and I eat silly when I drive, so yes, i agree i would have put on ridiculous amount of weight but didn't think it was that bad) I only increased by 1kg pass the said BMI  but they have strict rules so sadly, I lost my deposit. I tearfully carried my upset self to go and flyboard, which wasn't even on my to do list for Dubai (plan A didnt work, I quickly switched to the next pland and both centres are side by side themselves, so it just worked out well for me). So people, if you book skydiving make sure your weight doesn't increase at all or that all their requirements are met if not, your money will not be refunded. 

Flyboarding was all sorts of adrenaline rush. OMG it took them 10 mins to get me from land into the water I was literally panicking, I was going to say I cant do it and then I remembered I  was going to loose my money again and faced my fears! lool. Am just a drama queen sometimes!. this was such a fantastic experience and I am defo going to do this again. 

i also did a donut ride. it was fab.!  

 gearing up for the fly.!

that moment when you know you can actually fly! yasssss.!
the time went by so quickly? NO.! I wasnt relaxed, as soon as i get really high, I start panicking and fall right into the water, after the fourth rise, I asked to leave the water, I drank too much of the water and this is me booking to sky dive, lool, the plane would have gotten up and i would tell them am not jumping out again! ahahahhaha.
A proud flyboarder! finally ticked off my bucket list! yayyhhh!
Next was our donut tube ride experience, this was absolutely fun! sorry you cant see our faces! I didn't want to put any upclose pix as it wasn't just be on the donut. 

Alright! that's it for today, look out for part 2 next week thursday!

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Skirt Set: M.A.DKollection
Shoes: Dorothy perkins

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  1. How fun!!! So sorry you couldn't go sky diving but you had great fun with the fly board though. I couldn't do that even if you paid me. One I'm scared of heights , two I'm petrified of water. Kudos you!! Very fun vacay. That's a lot of driving in a week btw.

    1. thanks much Idu, aparently am scared of heights and water but i had to face my fears on this trip.

      it defo is alot of driving in one week, things we do for friends dou! pheww!

  2. Amazing experience. Thanks for sharing.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.


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