Travel Thursday: Desert Safari, Burj Khalifa, Dubai Museum ExperiencePart 2

By Unknown - November 19, 2016

Hey people, its another travel Thursday again( this seems to be my intro post) and part 2 of my Dubai travel experience, if you missed the first part, you can catch up here, then come back and read the rest of this post. *caution* this is a picture overloaded post, so grab yourself a bowl of popcorn and any drink of your choice and get comfy while reading this post*.

Later in the evening of my fly boarding, i went to burj khalifa which is the current tallest building in the world. there wasn't much happening here apart from taking pictures and seeing Dubai and all its beauty from the top of the building, you also have an option to have a meal there or see the aquarium, am not sure why we chose the aquarium experience rather than the meal but we did this on a different day. at the top of this building, I was honestly hoping that something wonderful was going to happen up there, but like every other tall building, i just saw the whole of Dubai from the top, took pictures and that was all, phewww, so much for having my hopes high, anyways, we got ourselves a nice, pricey souvenir so we didn't feel like we just waited in the queue for hours, climbed up and back down in 5mins. Seriously dou, was i expecting too much or am i just a hater? 

and we watched the waterfall display, it was beautiful!

Next day/stop was our tour of dubia city, the hotel arranged a private city tour with safaris and tour company, we went round all the nice places, buildings, mosque in dubia then took a boat ride to the gold market had a quick pass by and then went to the museum, there was alot of history and info in this place, so it was how the people in dubia lived 45 years ago, the desert life, nomads, rearing animaly and all that interseting piece of information.  


the entrance and interior of the museum.

when we got on the boat to go to the gold market

later in the evening we had our desert safari tour and this was one of the best things i did in this city after the flyboarding experience, the safari company picked us from our hotel and then the journey began, the ride through the dunes was epic, it nothing like i have ever experienced, i thought i had experienced intensive driving but this was different. it was all shades of fab! if you go to Dubai and dont experience this drive in the desert, am sorry love, but you haven't been there yet, lool.

We stopped at different places to take pictures and watch the sunset, and we finally got to the camp where the tour people had organised for us. on arrival you get to either ride a quad bike or ride a camel for free, duhhh I dont see camels everywhere so I quickly jumped on this option. 

we also had snacks and drinks and there was a "cultural dance" not sure what to call the dance, thats the only name that comes to mind. buffet dinner was server with loads of drinks, there was also the stand to have henna done, there were small stalls for souvenir and finally there was a belly dance, this quite good, now i feel the need to get some belly dance and pole dancing classes *straightface*. lol.

the night ended too soon, it was such a good one and our days in Dubai was slowly coming to an end. 

thanks for stopping by, hope you enjoyed reading this post and looking at the over loaded pictures .

Thanks for stopping by.

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  1. Dubai is such a beautiful place. On my last visit I stayed at the Burj Al Arab and gosh was I pampered! Cost me a pretty penny but it was well worth it. I also visited Burj Khalifa. I hated the long lines leading to the elevator though. The camel ride was awesome as well as the 'sand bashing' in the desert trucks. I love your herna design, very elaborate. How fun Ifiok. This post brings back a lot of memories.

  2. WOW! Someone is having the time of her life. These are fantastic pictures. I can see you had an amazing holiday.x


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