Travel Thursday: 6 Tips for planning a Girls weekend getaway + a trip to Bournemouth.! 

By Unknown - September 08, 2016

Planning a getaway with friends or families can be a lot of work, the time and effort required to get people, activities and money in place is whew... tasking! if you follow me on Instagram you would have seen some of my bank holiday weekend post with my friends. when i was trying to get something to write for our travel Thursday blog post am like, lets talk about tips and tricks on how to plan a great getaway on a budget. That's right!, you don't have to break the bank to have a good time and the more people on a trip makes it a lot cheaper as well as more interesting (wait.! lets get this a bit straight, the more sane, drama free no forming people on the trip the merrier the trip will be, ahahaha) so lets get right into the post. 

So one of my friends asked for us to do a road trip and some others thought we can do day trip (all the request came from different friends at different times) and am like, hmmm, why don't we all come together and actually have a weekend away, just go somewhere to chill and forget about the stress of life ( if its that easy). The plan sounded just right to everyone (please bear in mind that most of the girls on this trip had not met themselves before, I was the main link between almost everyone and we all blended like we had known ourselves forever, thats how we meet people right!). 

Tips and Tricks 

1. Theme
 You need to think of what type of break/trip you want, beach, forest, ski, hiking etc so many options to choose from as soon as you all decide then you start looking for places that fits that plan, in our case, we wanted a beach holiday.. that was kind of obvious right..., I mean who lives in England and doesn't look forward to lying on the beach with a bit of sun caressing your skin and a few glasses of wine to chill your brain? hmmm hmmm. 

2. Dates
Next you need to plan the days, if you want to take a week break, couple of week, few days or just the weekend. In our case we opted for the bank holiday as this gave us more time to actually take in the environment before the weekend came to a close in 7mins, honestly Friday till Monday looked like it was a total of 6mins 55seconds not the 50+ hours that it was meant to be. I guess thats what happens when you are having a good time right! 

3.  Accomodation
After picking the holiday theme and day, time to plan the main visit, would you want to stay in a hotel or an apartment, there are different sites to help you find and book accommodation. Sites that I use a great deal is and, these are two of my favourite sites that finds me what i want. We also chose to stay in a house, so we booked a four bed house from airbnb, ( pls dont ask why we decided to get a house that big) we needed space, also the price of the house is almost as good as taking a 2 or 3 bed house and sometimes even cheaper, so you need to factor this in. we were all about reducing cost and been comfortable this worked out well for us. make sure to book early so as to reduce cost! 

4. Transportation
 Next is to think of how to get there, would you prefer to get a public transport (everyone meets up in the same location and head to your said place of interest) bus, train flight depending on the distance would need to be considered. in our case we chose to rent a car  and I used Enterprise rent a car (lemme digress a bit, I didn't realise how cheap it is to actually rent a car i used enterprise rent a car, rather than run up my millage on a really long trip, like really, rent a car and drive it yourself because I remembered sometime back when some friends and I rented a car and the company also did the driving to and fro and mahnnn it was all shades of expensive (a driver and a car? no please, be the driver and get a massage after) and i was completely put off from the idea of car rental till i tried out this one) also a fuel efficient car would do you so much good. thank me later. 

5. Feeding
After sorting you accommodation and transport, its time to sort out the most important thing, you guessed right! food.! you can either consider eating out the whole time if you wish or bring some meal for the journey or shop and prepare your meal when you arrive or during your stay. In our case, because the house was a self serviced house we did most of the cooking ourselves and ordered pizza for some evenings! we also had snacks, junks and fruits lying around the place, plus when you have people that love to cook, thank goodness, you drive or do anything else your better at and let them do the cooking and just eat when the food is ready, *smiles and runs away* the recipe and tinz i learnt in that weekend dou, it was all shades of culinary skills in one house. 

6. Activities
Lastly its time to sort out activities when you arrive there, it helps to do a bit of research about where your going to and places to see. Trip advisor is always a good one to look at. If your in the UK and looking for series of adventure, you can also check the virgin experience or for ideas or book things you are your friends might be interested in, or if you are staying in a forest like when my bestie and I went to centre packs last year, the forest has loads of activities to keep you busy during your stay, for couples, families with or without children and for group of friends (young or older adult), also going hiking is one way to explore a city/place and be your own tourist guide while saving cost and getting your exercise done. You should also plan for indoor activities, there are loads of games and ideas online that you can try out with your friends. 

Activities at the beach 
We played all types of ball games with the normal football and tennis like ball and you cant go wrong on a sandy beach because you know its time to get the inner child out to play, I cant remember the last time I actually played on the beach like a 3 year old, no jokes I tried the cartwheel, built a mansion in the sand, tried some back flips and iron bender (those serious acrobatics that reminds you that your not so young after all) i defo didn't miss my childhood (i even played some suway and stone ( if you Nigerian and you didn't play this as a child, #amsorrybut youhaven'tlived(in Taraji's voice)) and of course had some drinks and snacks as well. it was a great day on the beach. 


this is one of the places we opted to visit, as per the name, they had a lot of sea creatures and animals that stay on land and water, it was a great place to visit. 

 i found this quite fascinating and the animals seem to know their names.

we decided to go bowling as well, i didn't do so well in this one, #timetobrag# try me on a good day when i haven't spent the whole weekend driving and wasn't hungry at the same time, I woulda smashed the helloutof this scores.! 

There were so many places we planned to visit, but time didn't let us. we looking to plan something else soonest. 

*Disclaimer: I have planned a lot of trips with friends to different countries and its always been a great one.! so alot of this is from experience.! 

Thanks for taking time to read this long post, long post aren't my thing as you might have already noticed but... 

Thanks for stopping by.
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  1. Nicely put together... thanks for the useful tips on how to plan a get away with friends. It was really helpful. Well done!!!

  2. Drama free and no forming for real, hahaaha. Y'all look like you had mad fun though. I agree, theres a lot involved in planning. Great tips!

    1. thanks Idu, there's really involved in planning and drama free people just makes it easier, lol!


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