90's Fashion: DIY Polka Dot Dungaree Dress

By Unknown - July 20, 2015

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Hey guys, its been a long time since i made a post *cleans out the cobwebs*, So I have had alot going on this past 2weeks ish.

For today's post, its a 90's trend I  just cant get enough of. So as usual, I hooked me up with this "oldies like" outfit, I made this polka dot dungaree dress from some fabric that has been sitting in my sewing room for some time now and paired it with this with this white top I also made. What's you thought on this look?

Outfit Details
Dungarees Dress: Made by me
White top: Made by me
shoes: ebay

Stay Blessed

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  1. Love this outfit !

  2. It's cute. Looks great on you. I especially love that it's purple, :)))


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