Its Vegas Baby!

By Unknown - July 25, 2015

This Post has been long over due and is going to be a different dimension from my usual uploads. As per the title, am not in Vegas and am not planning to visit the sin city just yet, it might be soon dou, you'll know when its time. 

You know how you can create or imagine things in your mind and then trying to make it a reality? Yes! that's kind of what this post is about. As we know, the "sincity" is known for amazing locations, hotel and flashy signs, so I decided to create different looks on how i'll transition my outfit from day to night time depending on the hotel or location suppose I was in Vegas. 

First stop is Lunch time outfit at the flamingo hotel
For this outfit, I paired this DIY skirt with this sleeveless top from Hand M and completed this look with my all time favorite shoes from Zara.

Next stop is Dinner Time at Bellagio Hotel
I paired my Diy crop top with this over sized jacket and leopard print short from Primark and Just fab shoes. i'll dwell on the shorts for a bit, if you didn't already know or notice, I am a sucker for animal print, leopard print to be more precise, I am sure I have a piece of every type of clothing that is animal print *i need to stop rambling now and get back to the post* so for my dinner outfit (best time of the day), it had to be animal print. 

Final stop is Night out at iBar Bar
I kept it simple, same outfit as my Dinner time outfit without the jacket.

Looks like I have my trip to Vegas all planned out already. Please share your thoughts on what you think of my outfit. Also, if you are planning your next trip to Vegas and need to know where to stay, hotels and what they have to offer, you can head over to See you in Vegas people :).!

Stay Blessed.

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  1. First of all, the red brick houses looks like you live in the UK. Lol!! I'm loving that cheerful skirt in the first look a lot - such a beauty!! The other two looks are sexy. :)

    1. thanks May, yes I do live in the UK, this is sortof a "wish" post.! lol.! thanks again!

  2. love the just fab you have very shapely legs..i like :-)

  3. Hello Ifiok,

    You look lovely. I love the DIY skirt full skirt, the fabric is so cute, you did a great job :-)

    Well done!


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