Travel Thursday: Top 10 Places to visit in Barcelona, Spain With Pictures

By Unknown - October 05, 2014

I have been trying to put this write up for over a month now, i have now finally managed to get this all together, so here you go!

Number 1 - La Sagrada Familia church
This is a religious architectural uncompleted building, which is one of Barcelona’s top attraction, the view outside is beautiful and free to look at....of-course, but the queue to get in is overwhelming and i think it cost about fourteen euro ish to go in, i could not be bothered queuing so i cant tell you how the inside looks like, but it would be nice to see some pix of the inside that attracts so many tourist.

one tenth of the queue outside
No. 2 Barcelona Tourist Attraction - Barcelona FC Museum
This is a highly recommended attraction for football fans and as a Barcelona football fan, well, only when they win a match (*whispers*) I had to visit this stadium, I liked the fact that there was a place one could seat and have  a good meal close to the FC shop outside.

A view of the stadium from outside

No. 3 Barcelona Tourist Attraction - Picasso Museum

The queue to get into this museum was mind blowing, I wasn't patient to queue for hours to get into the museum, instead i strolled to the beach for a swim. Sorry no pictures...

No. 4 The Magic Fountain of Montjuïc

OMG, this has to be, like it just has to be my top of the list favorite Barcelona tourist attractions. This is a must see attraction. The light, music and water display is a must for any tourist in Barcelona, the scene is beautiful, amazing, wowtastic, fabulous, like I could watch this all night, and wake up happy, ahahaha, no jokes, you have to see this... before you ask what the fuss is about, well... this type of things thrill me dou, ahahha, its amazing. 

Right! so enough of the rambling, see some pix and video of course, that’s how thrilled I was. Best water fountain and waterfall, I heard there’s something better in Dubai, that's next on my to do list. This waterfall runs between 9.30 and 11pm (if the times do not change) good time for a perfect view. Now I know why its called magic fountain.

No. 5 Las Ramblas/Architectural Buildings:
If you are exploring the city on foot,  Las Ramblas is Barcelona’s most famous street, you can walk down the street and see some of beautiful architecture, I took some pix, some might not be in Las Ramblas dou! (I wasn't sure where it started and ended) but after working on foot for 5 straight hours (well i love to walk, so no complaints) I wasn't paying any more attention to where Las Ramblas might have ended.

 I don’t take tourist buses, I never have, reason is simply, I prefer to discover on foot. The bus doesn't give you as much privilege, so I walk all the way through, and that way if i go back to that city, i don’t need a map, i'll remember the place cos the picture memories have been pasted on the wall in my back brain, you go

No. 6 The Mediterranean: Take a dip in the mediterremean
Visiting Barcelona without coming to the beach is like licking sweet with the wrapper on. Ahahahahah, the beach is another must see attraction, as a lover of water, i had to take a swim, well my swimming lessons were not in vain, the beach was well crowded, I had to hunt for somewhere to spread our picnic mat, we didn't get to play our beach games and writing in the sand like I thought i would (sad face) but in all, it was good, and hey!!! The sea food is like compulsory (yes! Because I said so) when you visit the beach, peek-a-boo of some of our pix

No. 7 Ciutadella Park:
Is one of Barcelona’s parks, its free entrance and exit and its a pretty sight to behold. The structure inside dou, its just.... one word.. beautiful..

No 8 Barcelona Zoo
This is also another tourist attraction, but  i only passed by the zoo and didn't bother to go in, well cos i couldn't be bothered, but go for it, you just might like it.! And of course, no pix...
No 9 Park Guell
This is yet another park in Barcelona, it was not free to enter and was not in the region of my walks so i didn't go up there, but I was told its a good place to visit, so give it a go!!!

No 10 Arc De trump
The is one of the beautiful landmarks in Barcelona, it was built as an exhibition held in Ciutadella Park in 1888 its free to look at and get some good pix

So finally, we have gotten to the end of places to see, am sure you can see why it took me so long to put this together,

Look out for my hotel review in video.

Stay Blessed.


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