Before and After: The white living room

By Unknown - October 15, 2014

I moved from my old apartment couple of months back to my current apartment. And have since, tried to give the house a Wow, relaxing effect and a place good enough to be called a "home". I have made massive changes to the living room, its kinda almost where i want it to be dou... am still putting in some finishing touches to it.


The living room looked really congested with sofas on every side, for the size of the room, i just couldn't get my head round it. I do not like congested sitting rooms, i get this clouded feeling/thinking when there are too much going on in the living room. So first of all, I moved the brown colour sofa away, because i wanted it to be an "all White living room", i painted the long brown TV stand white. One of my many DIY projects. I also changed the window cotton and everything else in the room. I don't have alot of pix for this house from when i moved in. 

After look
Drum roll....!!!!! this is finally what i came up with, 

I got a white/creamy right hand chaise sofa, it was difficult finding a white sofa because very few stores sell white sofas and the size and type i wanted was even more difficult ( i was quite specific on what i wanted to be fair) and soon as i saw this sofa, am like... Yes, This Is It...!!!

I was so close to get a white rug, but apart from the fact that not many places sell white rugs, i didnt think it will be worth telling everyone that comes in, "please could you remove/take off your shoes before coming in" it kinda sounds rude/off to me (well maybe not) so i decided that black would do just fine, this complimented the black edges on the sofa. So more like bold White and subtle black.

wall decor also adds taste to the appearance of a room, since it was a white room, and the room had some silver wall accessories, i decided to stick with silver all through.

and this wall painting, when i saw it in store, i was like, i just have to have it.

This cute ottoman, was made by me, the ones in store didn't have the colour i wanted; white, so i went into a fabric store and made me this bad boy with two shades.

This TV stand was initially brown in colour and as i aimed to have a white sitting room, i decided to paint it white and voila....

Is it just me? OR, does a white room look bigger than a darker coloured room, well maye YES! I can say a white room is simple, classy, serene, cozy, breatheable, should i continue? chic, neat, please tell me to stop!, (lol) bigger, more airy, right!! i can go on and on, but am sure you get the drift.

some more pix below.

Stay Blessed.

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  1. It is amazing view and I love the decoration style being used in these images

  2. This is amazing. So beautiful. Great post.


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