10 ways to help you save Money for your dream holiday/ Adventurous travel.!

By Unknown - October 06, 2016

Hey people, its travel Thursday again, I get asked this questions a lot, 'how do you manage to travel so much or do something adventurous?' so i thought to just make it into a blogpost.! Soo... today's post am writing on how you can save money to go on holiday of a lifetime, travel the world or do that spectacular thing you have had on your bucket list for like ages.!
As this might be a long post, lets get right into it!.

 1. Quit Buying Lunch at Work Bring Some Home Made Meals:
You will be amazed how much we typically spend on meals during the day, lets do the maths real quick, atleast £2.00 for an English breakfast ( I haven't even added drinks), £4 for a small lunch with drinks if you're having sandwich all week) so that's  £5 and a total of £24 a week if we add dinner, its might be over 70pounds a week (for a routinely meal), you can use less than half this amount to make a whole week's meal and save the rest. so reducing the amount of times we eat out, will save us a whole load of cash.!

 2. Find a Hobby or Something you are Good At and Make Some Money off it.
there is always something we are good at, something that we can use to make that extra cash aside our usual day to day job.
writing a book and selling it online, blogging, YouTube, sewing (i just had to mention this), hair stylist or a personl shopper and the list goes on and on. if you put all this skills to use, for the most part, the internet has made it easy for us to sell our talent/skills from the comfort of our homes, you dont need to have direct chat with people before they buy your product, just make sure to market/advertise it well, and watch the paper roll in. holiday plans in motion. yassss.!

 3. Quit Shopping on Impulse and buy only What you Need
you know that quote 'shopping is my cardio' pffff, your better off, going out to jog, your bank account and body will thank you later and save that cash for that holiday you have been wishing for. Ask yourself 'do you really need those shoes'? sometimes wait couple of days and see if you really need it before you go out buying it or check your wardrobe to see that you do not have something similar or even the exact same thing, or you see that really gorgeous dress and you need to buy it like yesterday because it looks so gorgeous and you have pictured how good it will look on a blog post, Instagram or a YouTube haul video (social media has increased the way we spend dou) sometimes, when you get home and look at the same outfit again, your thinking to your self, "i must have been high on something when I bought this outfit" I know that feeling, so buy only what you need. this also applies to food as well, we buy meals and end up dumping it in the bin. save that cash for your next dream holiday. hmmm hmmm, your welcome :).

4. Save on Eating Out
the amount of times we eat out, on average, in a week is pretty alarming. imagine how much you spend on one meal. That's more than enough for a week's meal, so saving that cash can add up to your travel saving money.

5. Do a Wardrobe clean up: we sometimes have a piece of clothing the hasn't been worn in over a year let alone taking the tag off it. its time to make some cash from this items, look in your closet, anything you haven't work in the last 3 months, erhmmm, lets be a bit fair, in the last 6 to 8 months, you probably might not really need it as much, its time to sell them or give them out. ebay.com or amazon.com or you know all those junks you have packed in your wardrobe/closet making it look like a mini warehouse, yes, its time to put them up for sale and there are so many sites you can sell used or unworn items.

6. Save money on Where you Shop: high end/ designers/big brand does not always mean the best, so weigh your options and look for a cheaper and quality alternative. it helps your bank account and also bring your travel dreams to reality.

7. Use Groupons and vouchers to save yourself some extra quid: this kind of explains itself, there are a dozen website you can use to get discount off items or free shipping off items, put this codes to use and save that little extra you will be amazed how much it adds up to over a period of time.

 8. Limit the amount of Nights out: Its great to just chill and unwind every now and then but going out every Friday and Saturday night to drain you account and knock yourself out? save that cash and either have a night in or have a night out when you are finally on that holiday of your dreams, thank me later.

 9. Tell Yourself you do not have the Money: This trick always works for me. the urge to spend more when you think you have excess cash can be minimized by simply telling yourself, 'I don't have enough just yet', the thought of going mental on spending automatically reduces and on the positive note, you tend to save more and work harder. have an account that doesn't give you online access or a withdrawal card and you can dump all your cash in, so you are less tempted to spend from it, or just be self disciplined if you are that good! (am not there yet, lol)

 10. Invest in something: If you think you have too much and your money is sitting idle making more money for the bank, its time to find that business to invest in, buy a house, get into bonds and all those investment with nice names but you need to be very careful and knowledgeable on your ROI so you don't run at a loss in the end, or you can get a fixed deposit account if your not up for the risk of investments. use the profit you made to splurge on a holiday of a life time maybe.!

Hope this list has been helpful!

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  1. Number 3 is my weak point. Great tips girl. Have a outstanding week.



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