Happy Independence Nigerians!!!

By Unknown - October 01, 2015

Happy independence day my fellow country people ( in my Nigerian accent while dancing #shakiti bobo) so in 1960 on this day, we had our independence, that how many years ago.... pffff cant do the maths. we became our own boss * drum roll*

Yes oh, God bless Nigeria, the happiest nation on earth, through thick and thin we are always happy. not because am Nigerian but indeed, Nigerians are like the best people you will ever meet, if its lie, ask ya neighbour. Don't mind the nasty things the media says, they like pouring sain sain in somebody's garri sef (for the benefit of those that don't understand pidgin, its means, "worsening things" depending on context " dont pour sand in my garri") Some of things they say are true sha oh but really, its the wealthiest African country, when I say wealth, I mean like very rich in; economy, population, natural resource, corruption, religious people, evil people including ogbanje and night flyers, crude oil, natural resource, poor electricity, poor road with potholes enough to swallow you conviniently (na joke i dey oh), education, ethnicity, in-house racism, music, fashion, witch craft, thieves, robbers, agriculture ( i need to be serious now...), but seriously dou, Nigeria is the richest and blessed African nation ( no disrespect to other Africans) we are the giant of Africa, the real MVP and we badt like that. 

we still accepting new candidate, if you need to change your nationality or add more nationalities to what you already have, come join the winning team. 

The best country in the whole wide world, our planet and God's footstool (earth)

God Bless Nigeria,
God Bless Africa and the rest of the world.

look what I came across when reading about Nigeria on Google, it was all sorts of interesting I had to read to the  end

phewww, Sounds like I just gave a speech *grabs a glass of chilled water) okbye.

Happy new month ya'all.

Stay Blessed.

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