My Summer adventure to do/wish list + Go Out More Often ideas

By Unknown - May 13, 2016

Hey people, summer is here already, well, almost here, so I have finally been able to put this post together, I had wanted to do a summer to do list post since this year began but just got around to posting it.

so, recently I came across a post that kinda gave me a nudge to do this post and I knew it was time. So when you live in a country where its not summer all year round and the moment you see some rays of sunshine, you know its time to make use of the weather because it might last for  just three weeks and its gone. A wise man once said make hay while the sunshine (literally or idomatically) thats exactly what I intend to do this year hence my to do list post.

Right.! sooo, I saw a similar post blog post by Eventbrite about go out more often (GOMO) as against  fear of missing out (FOMA) and am i need to do a similar post and draw up my summer adventure list. you know its so easy to say, 'I will like to take a class' or 'go on an adventure of a lifetime' but the comfort of staying in doors just takes over and you end up not doing that nice/fun thing you planned to do and the time literally just passes by. I can be lazy like that sometimes, so I like to book anything I like to do well in advance.

best way to commit to something is place a price on it. You know the moment you pay for something you just have to get it done (unless something else comes up). so that been said people, summer 2016 has got me really really busy, I have had a few events booked till September (I kid you not) and some still in the pipeline to book because am adventurous like that (now you know where my blog name came from ahahaha).

Here is a list of my 5 major summer adventure to do/wishlist.

1. I have used eventbrite to book a couple of fashion shows; manchester fashion week, ticket sold out on eventbrite here
pix from google
I had always wanted to go for this show but never got around to getting a ticket so I started looking for fashion events on eventbrite and taadahhh I saw the three days ticket and booked them without even thinking, I would try and blog about this event when I attend it.

I have also booked a few natural hair event shows on eventbrite which i intend to blog about when i attend, one of them is the afro hair show in london

2. my most exciting activity I have planned for summer is #drumroll# my first ever music festival, yayyhhhh. I have my first festival ticket for parklife booked (I cant believe I have never been to a music festival, wait what! am surprised)
pix from google
so I am so looking forward to going to this one.

3. I am also looking to book my fist ever camping music festival ticket for creamfields (am hoping the tickets dont sell out before I make up my mind on this one.
pix from google
 I have always wanted to go camping, its on my bucket list and seeing an opportunity like this, its something I defo have to get done, you know what, I might as well just book it now.! lool.

4. I am also looking to attend the african fashion week london. still waiting for tickets to be out on this one.
if you have never been to this one, get it on your list asap. This is one event I would love to showcase my brand on, but I have to save up for this one.

4. A road trip, I would really love to drive to paris, I would really do with travel buddies on this one or some form of motivation if I have to drive this journey all through. Manchester inhabitant (for lack of a better word) up for an adventure drop me an email or leave a comment.
 5. Water parks. I have been to a water park sometime ago but I would love to back there again.
If you intend to plan an event you can go over to Eventbrite's event planning software page and get that event booked for everyone to see and attend, you can also share your event on facebook and other social networking site.

My other summer planned list is outside the uk and I am holding myself not to spill, but pictures and blog post would be up as soon as I get it done.

Please leave a comment on any fun/interesting/wishlist thing you intend to do this summer.

Thanks for stopping by.
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