Green and Black

By Unknown - May 18, 2016


Hey People.! happy hump day, hope you are well. blog post today is a mix of my last post here and this green shirt, so am actually wearing two shirts in this outfit, i kinda like how the green shirt adds colour to the outfit. when i was doing the photoshoot, the plan was to make it one post but after taking the pictures am like, wait a minute, why should I combine it into one post when i can make two blog post out of it and hope no one notices till I spill and taadahhhh I decided to make a second post from the same outfit.

Outfit Details
Trouser: New Look
Men's Shirt: Primark
Green shirt: Gifted
Shoes: Dorothy perkins
Bag: River Island
Bow tie: H and M

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Stay Blessed

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  1. Hey hun! Just realised you are Manchester blogger too. I actually love this look without the green shirt but you are right the green adds a great touch to the entire look. Beautiful shoot. You nailed it. Stay blessed.x

    1. yes am a manchester blogger, right next to you. lol. Thanks dear!

  2. Hey! I noticed but doesn't change the fact you are still fab!!

  3. Beautiful outfit you look stunning!
    Love the great capture of our local scenery.


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