One Year Blog Anniversary - Adventure Meets Designer

By Unknown - August 16, 2015

Hey people, guess what day it is today? Yes! you got it right. Its been a year since I started out blogging and took the first step to hit the publish button.

Was I ready for this journey? No! I wasn't even sure how it would turn out or if people would be interested in my blog but I am overwhelmed with all the emails, messages and comments and how much love I have been shown in this past year and I don't take it for granted. So a big thank you to all my readers (including commentators, re sharers, waka-pass amongst others.)

Before I started out this blog, I was looking for some interesting countries to go to and thing to do, and I came across Grease and Glamour and World of wanderlust's blog and I was stalking these blogs in a good way on a daily basis and then somehow, I came across some fashion blogs Wendy's lookbook, The fashion Stir Fry and KTR style(she's into fashion designing as well) this were areas I was also interested in and wanted to blog about. So I wasn't sure if I had enough content for just a travel blog or a DIY blog or a fashion blog so I decided; Lifestyle blog it is, so I can dump in all the things I wanted to share with ya'all. So here we are today on our one year anniversary. We haven't done much but we are not where we use to be and for that I am grateful.

Catch up on the memoirs of the past year

My first Proper Blog Post
Sandcastle Wasterparks Weekend

Top 10 Favourite Post
1. OOTD: Green Jumpsuit
2. Hellooo Summer
3. White and a Touch of Blue
4. Bringing back the 90's
5. DIY Iro n buba
6. 90's fashion
7. OOTD: DIY Black and white
8. Its Vegas Baby
9. OOTD: Sunchrome
10. Kente Dress

My favourite post
1. OOTD: Blue Tartan Pant
2. OOTD: White Blazer
3. 3 Ways to pair a circle skirt
4. All Black Everything
5. Its a year Already yayyh
6. Plaid Jacket + Black and White
7. The White Living Room: Before and after
8. OOTD: Green and Black
9. Green Maxi Skirt
10.DIY Ankara Dress with thigh high slit

My top 10 DIY Post
1. The White Living Room: Before and After
2. DIY Cushion/Sofa Pillows
3. DIY Ankara Short
4. Event Weekend/DIY
5. DIY Trumpet Hem Dress
6. OOTD Nigerian Wedding
7. DIY Circle Skirt
8. The Black Bodycon Look
9. Peplum hem skirt
10. DIY Ankara Peplum Top and Skirt

My Inspirational Post
Let's talk: Does hard work bring happiness
Some of my best quote
DIY ankara skirt and Motivational word

My Travel/Adventure Post
Summer Vacay
Visit to Barcelona
Weekend Visit to Tatoon Park
Portugal Visit
Holiday in Panarea Italy
10km race for life
Trip to Munich; Germany

Moving Forward.
This past year has seen more fashion post than anything else. I want to put in more "lets talk" post, I do have alot of this things stored away in my draft but I withdraw when its time to hit publish, lol. there will also be more DIY post (working seriously on this now) so watch out for this.

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Stay Blessed and keep on reading!

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