Timeless Fashion Trends for Women

By Unknown - September 02, 2014

With fashion trends changing every now and then, most times we do feel the urge to want to change our wardrobe according to the trend, but there are timeless fashion piece that hardly goes out of style. I have put together 5 piece  (and styled up some) that should be a must have in every ladies closet. 

1. Little black dress: this is a must have in every lady’s closet and is definitely a wardrobe staples, this can be dressed up or down for any occasion, from day time look to night time look.

2. The pencil skirt: the feminine feel of this item is what makes it a must have item and a timeless fashion piece, this can be worn with a blouse or shirt and can be owned in different colours, i have also styled the skirts to give you an idea.

3. Tailored trouser: this is definitely a wardrobe staple and can be worn both day and night time.

4. White blouse: this can be a white shirt or top and can be paired with anything due to the universal colour, this applies also with black blouses.

A pair of pumps: this can be worn both day and night time and accentuates the feminism of a ladies outfit, it’s definitely a must have piece in a ladies wardrobe, and you know the usual saying with shoes? "a lady can never have too many shoes". I definitely do agree with that. I love me my shoes.

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  1. Nicely put together! this trends are a must have!

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