Ankara Shorts/Saturday Outing!

By Unknown - August 19, 2014

I and my friends planned a "ladies Saturday outing" to go to Lake District for a boat cruise, but trust the British weather to mess up your plans sometimes (we would av still gone, but some other circumstance beyond our control came up) but anyways, we decided to stay back at one of our houses and just chilled, but before this,

 i thought to sew a short i could wear for the outing (i sew as a hobby, or maybe an aspiring fashion designer, but really, its the love for the hobby, not chasing cash for now, i love to sew my own stuff, would be trying out on some friends soon, as my models)

 some pictures of the home chilling and shorts made by me. 

DIY coming soon.

 Stay tuned.


I later went out to Bella Italia on a dinner the same evening!

Home chilling

Meatpie,stick meat, Jollof and fried rice, spicy fried beef and cocktail. We sure had a great. You know the saying of "when ladies come together/meet".! Shhhhhh. Ok Bye.

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  1. the outfit is really pretty, am loving the shorts, very gorg!!!

  2. You look fab in that shorts!!!

  3. i love the shorts, please do a DIY of the shorts

  4. the food looks sumptuous.! pls who cooked it??


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