OOTD Nigerian Wedding

By Unknown - September 22, 2014

It another Saturday and and my friend invited me for his friend's wedding; a Nigerian wedding. I know weddings take place like every Saturday of the year in Nig, but in my side of the world, this doesn't happen very often, so i always look forward to one, loool,.!

For this wedding i decided to make myself something to wear because i didn't thing i had anything to wear (still on the moment where you have a closet full of clothes and don't have anything to wear heheheh).

I made this hi-low peplum top (not sure if it has another name)  and this pencil skirt. the top has a bit of stretch to it, and i love the fabric and color mix; green and orange and some traces of white, which is why i paired it with this self made orange skirt to complete the look.


Top: made by me
Skirt: made by me
Shoes: Pigalle 120
Bag: Ego
Belt: ebay
Accessories: Forever 21
Wristwatch: DKNY

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