10 Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Her: Search No further.

By Unknown - February 11, 2015

Its few days away from valentine and good enough it falls on a weekend, Yayyhhh. With all these shops around  displaying valentine decorations and gifts, I thought it would be good to do a post for "gift ideas for Ladies", so guys, men, fathers, boys, ladies as well, if you are confused with what to get, you still have time for last minute shopping here you go... But really, you don't have to break a bank to show love. Also remember that giving gift and showing love should be everyday not just February 14th.

1. A massage session
2. you can decide to do the good good old days, usual box of chocolate and flowers.
3. A gift set ( you cant go wrong with a gift scent and with the Givenchy very irresistible for women, your spot on (cos this is my favourite)
4. A nice Wristwatch 
5. Dinner for two, you can decide home made meal with candle lit dinner, if you wish.
6.  Its a weekend, so you can decide on a weekend getaway trip.
7. A gift box with all the nice scent of romance, Victoria's secret and body shop is about right, lush(love them).
8. You can decide to get creative with writing out 365 things, 52 things or make it easier 7 things you love about her.
9. A nice set of Lingerie (Victoria's secret, and the rest)
10. A nice pair of shoes and bag (you know the saying? " A lady can never have too many shoes and bags".

Finally you can decide to take the bold step and make the day an extremely memorable one with a proposal.








Hope this post was helpful. 

Have an enjoyable valentine free from all vices of sin *straight face*

Next post Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Him because giving and showing love is both ways

Stay Blessed.


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  1. Great gift ideas, would love any of them!


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