Travel Thursday: Mauritus Holiday Diary.!

By Unknown - January 26, 2017

Hi Guys, this post has been long over due and i finally found time to get it up. better late than ...? From my last travel  Dubai post, the actual destination for the holiday was in Mauritius, but we decided to spend a few days in Dubai. we spent 7 days in Mauritius and I think i fell ill at the end of the trip, maybe it was too much fun for me to contain, of i had been away from home for too long (2 weeks), i usually travel for couple of days or a week max, but this was the longest holiday i have been on in all my travel escapades. 
I went to Mauritius for a wedding, i know, it was a good excuse to travel, we got the invite and am like; i have never been to an Hindu wedding, i have never been to Mauritius, its also an avenue to visit Dubai, get excess sunshine, adventure, beach, fun, cocktails and try different cuisines, it ticked all the boxes and off I went.!

Where I stayed
I stayed at Grand Baie hotel in the south of Mauritius and to say this country is beautiful is an understatement, the media paints Africa in such a bad light that you never know this places exist until you start looking at beach images on google and your completely blown away,  most times the countries dont promote tourism in their country either untill you actually digging for information (but that a post for the future) alot of couples were here on honeymoon as they said it was cheaper than going anywhere else. that true, hold a few hundreds or thousands of pounds and live like a king, rupees is the currency here BTW. the hotel room wasn't all that, so ill let that one pass but everywhere else in the hotel was on point, the staff and then the food; nothing like an all inclusive deal, eat like an elephant, breakfast lunch and dinner, excess wine, i mean alcohol and cocktails till you cant see properly anymore lol, i was to busy been an adventurer i missed most of this goodies. The hotel was literally just by the beach.the service was great.
 Activities in Mauritius
I had a proper henna done for the first time.


 The calm before the storm, i went parasailing and am sure the mermaids (if they exist) and all the sea creatures would be wondering why i was screaming like i was forced to hang on from just a rope, i need to face my fear of height and water, its embarrassing, lool.

 I think i might have been getting close to entering the clouds at this point. lool.
 The Wedding
I few thousands of miles to attend this wedding, it took four days for the whole ceremony and ritual to be completed, things we do for friends, it was a great experience, the reception we received by family and friends was great. i also had to dress the part, erhmmm almost.

Going to Paradise Island
the hotel we stayed at organised a day trip to the south of the country to the "paradise island" and the waterfall, it was such a great experience.


Underwater sea walk
I went for under water sea walk, its basically taking a boat to the middle of the sea, get off the boat, while you are half way into the water they drop this heavy object over you head to rest on your shoulder. i think becuase of the amount of times i had to get into water, i really panicked on this one. OMG, i told them i needed to come out to catch my breath and then forced myself back in when i had gathered enough courage. we were given bread to feed the fish. As soon as they started to eat off my hand i literally threw the bread into the water, lol, no pix, just videos of my drama in the water.



 last night on the island

 when prawns look like lobsters.

 heading back to reality, the play is over.

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  1. Your blog is so lovely. These pictures are beautiful too, looks like a fun holiday. xx

  2. sure you had fun and beautiful pictures.


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