Our first year Shopavissary Plus First Runway Collection

By Unknown - November 01, 2016

Hey people, happy new month, welcome to November aka December eve a.k.a time to get your Christmas tree and presents ready before it gets really busy (am quite excited for this Christmas). If you follow me on Instagram, you would have seen my shopavissary post and post of my Liverpool fashion week showcase post. Blog post today as you might already have gotten a clue from the title will be a bit of a long post which I don’t do a lot on my blogpost if you follow my blog trends, I tend not to write much in my post. But today will be one of those 'let’s grab a cuppa coffee, sit down and have a chat post! So let’s get right into it..



So I started my online etsy shop this time last year, I decided to face my fear and jump into it as its something I had always wanted to do, The thought came up as a result of me trying to get something to keep myself busy after my  usual ‘9-5’ job and well before then, i had always wanted to be a big/great fashion designer, but the country i grew up on didnt allow for that, you had to be a doctor or a lawyer or engineer or some more serious professional profession, there wasn't even a fashion designing course in my uni to start with so that wasnt even an option.The desire/dream didn't actually stop, its always been there and when the right time came, I decided to dive into it without looking back. 

First off, I got myself to university of arts London for a weekend short course and also to ministry of craft in Manchester for a few pattern learning course and also to Nigeria for a few freehand learning course. lool, it was all meant to be a hobby and I decided to take it a bit more serious as it was became more interesting, therapeutic, diyish and creative ish (dunno if all the words exist but you get my drift). 
I started making a few clothes for myself, I can literally remember the first dress I made, I look at it now and am like, w.t.h, it’s all shades or horrendous! It might even be in the bin already. But over time with constant practise and practise and more practise, thanks to and craftsy (an online course site), we have gotten better and better. Within the year we managed to launch our first summer/holiday collection which received such a massive sale and we also showcased at the Liverpool fashion week in Liverpool which went well as well. We are hoping for best in the years to come but will take it one year at a time. So this are some of the pictures from our LFW showcase.

Thanks for stopping by and hope you enjoyed reading this post.

It actually wasn’t as long as I thought it was going to be Lol.

I will be organising our first give away soon so stay tuned.
Outfit Details
All from M.A.DKollection
Stay blessed

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  1. The design are stunning !
    You are truly gifted and I am so happy to have discovered you. I will go check out your Easy page for sure :)
    Wish you the best and that your brand will continue to grow further.

    1. Amen, thanks alot Olivia, thats very kind of you to say!

  2. Great post and great job!

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. I'm so happy for you and glad you got this started as well. I also do have a passion for fashion designing. I'm following you already please do follow so we can keep in touch. We never know what we could do together. Once again congratulations


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