Travel Thursday: places to Visit in Lagos; Lekki conservation Center, Eleko Beach, La Campagne Tropicana, Freedom Park and Driving around the Island

By Unknown - September 22, 2016

hey people, its another travel Thursday post and am seriously digging out my throwback travel moments that still hasn't found its way to the blog yet. sometime in April/may i went to nig on some family runs and i was going to blog about it but life has been really busy for me and 4 months after am still trying to get the post up. so i'll just do this once and for all.

my first Lagos travel diary post here, (go catch up) was in the Badagry axis (more like the away from life axis) part two of this post will be the island axis aka where the rich and famous dwell, have their abode, build their homes mansions.

I visited a few places in this area and i'll get right into it. *warning* this is going to be a picture overload post, so get comfortable, relax, grab a cuppa coffee, tea, juice or any type of liquid that sits well in your mouth and some popcorn and lets get into it. lol.!

1. The Lekki Conservation Centre
moving around in Lagos can be a whole lot of stress especially if you car is not *almana tight* (the air condition in the car had to be top notch), or you don't even have a car. Anyways I booked myself a taxi for the day with AC i couldn't struggle with that heat biko. so first stop was the lekki conservation centre, i didn't realise how big this place was till i got in, its actually such a beautiful site to behold with alot of wasted space (yes i said so).

they had a pond with different types of fish, they also had a chess play area that was clearly not in use, and streams with water animals, i think i might have seen aligator and monitor lizard roaming about the place.


they had this bridge rope happens to be the highest/tallest/longest in Africa.! I was all types of scared on this bridge but i had to act like it was okay, duhhh, my younger sister was with me what did you expect big sis to do? phewww.

the most interesting and funny part of this centre was the monkeys that took pride in bullying us, you should have seen me running from this lots, and one even grabbed my hair to collect my drink and gala (Nigerian sausage roll) mehn their hustle and struggle was real, even monkeys can display determination when they want something but I had to fight them for real.

see how tanned i was, the sun had no chill whatsoever, it took months for my sun burns to clear out, please have your sun screen ready.


2. Eleko Beach:
Next stop was the beach. the island has atleast 5 beaches, like I said before its where life is, plus Lagos is an island which clearly is surrounded by water plus the wonderful weather allows for the beach life to be something you cant miss

 they also have alot of beach houses, so lemme gist you small. Taking pictures especially with big cameras is not something that happens frequently in Nigeria the last i checked, please always want to know what the picture is about or why your taking the pictures blah blah... so in the process of me doing my tourist activities, the guy that got us into the place was like, "aunty this your camera ehnn, e be like say your oga at the top get money oh, you sure say, you no go come buy one of our beach house, use am do business" i didn't even realise that was do able, am like hmmm, thanks for the info... so apparently, you can organise a birthday party in the beach house, for N30,000 which is less than a £100, its includes dj space and the people your getting in there. but wait, that's quite an affordable amount especially if you have a mountain load of friends, but anyways. the beach was quite quiet today as it was during the week in the afternoon, i didn't stay long here before we set off on our next adventure.

 the dj stand is just up there

 3. La campagne Tropicanna:
next stop was this beautiful resort ( Task for you; Can you say La Campagne tropicana 7 times without blabbing) it took almost 2hrs to drive to and on arrival they said cameras wasn't allowed, the excuse they gave didn't mean anything (this is me being very polite with my vocabulary) but we had to obey the rules and use just our phones to take pix. the entrance fee into the place is #4000 (about £8) but as were just breezing in and out I had to look for something to say to the guy and taa dahh we didn't pay a penny and we also had a free tour around the place. for that reason, customer service at the reception was top notch i never expected it.!

the hand sign is how they greet in the resort and the drum is an alternative to knocking on the door, i cant remember what is been muttered during the greeting using the hand sign, the resort is actually such a nice warm and friendly environment with different charlet and the hand and drum thing on all the doors.

Different rooms have different prices and it ranges from about N50,000 (couple's room) a night to over/about  N300,000 (large family room)  a night and its so worth it, its different from any thing i have seen, its traditional, cool, looks peaceful, its by the sea, a very honeymoon oriented environment if you don't want to go through the stress of flying abroad, pounds to naira is not smiling oh.

the resort also have alot of water activities, canoeing, kayaing, swimming etc... but i didnt get to do any of that as we were breezing in and out, i would defo be coming here sometime soon.

the tree house was the most expensive and very beautiful inside, the ceiling is made of palm front and the tree grows through the room.

4.Freedom Park
Our next stop was this park still on the island, it has the feel of a mini museum with statutes of slave trade things, the park also has a souvenir shop with all types of African things there, the park also has a bar for live band and small chops in the evening for people to come out and chill after work.

where/how they usually hang/execute prisoners and  slaves

5. Driving around the island
buy the time we had visited the four places mentioned above, it was already rush hour and traffic had built up plus it was getting dark and it was time to view the beautiful lekki-ikoyi link bridge i had seen so many times in movies but not seen it in real life. didn't get any nice pix with my camera or phone but thanks to google got two clear images below.

Thanks for stopping by and going through the long post.

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  1. That canopy walk! Girl you are beyond brave! You couldn't pay me to go on it. You sure had an exciting trip. 'That heat abeg' - I haven't stopped laughing. Beautiful pictures.


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