Travel Thursday: 10 things to do While in Las Vegas with pictures.

By Unknown - August 11, 2016

Hey people, hope you are having a great week, today's post is part 2 of 3 for the post I uploaded  last week, weeks and months back, this post is like 8 months old, sitting pretty in my draft, but never late than never right! so this over due post is finally here, phewww! if you missed the part 1 of this post or forgot about it, you can catch up here.

As per the title, I am going to share with you 10 things out of the many things you can do while in Vegas, most of this things are actually what I did while I was in Vegas december/jan this year. if you plan to go down that route soon, then make sure you have this list on your "to-do-list". When I go on vacation I sometimes like to have a list of places I want to visit, or things I want to try out along side the days and cost, if I know how much, this helps me plan better, I do a good amount of research as well, I also like spontaneous, you cant go wrong on this one as well.

So lets get right into it, in no particular order;

1. Try the CSI (crime scene investigation) The experience

more info on the site here

2. Fountain of Bellagio
this is the best my camera could take, you can find some more pix on google

more info about the fountain display is available here

3. Go for a show in one of the Hotels on the Strip. I attended the cirque du soleil: Mystere. OMG, like this is the first show i ever went for and i was completely blown away, I had goose pimples the whole time, (at the end of the show, some guy was whispering, 'in all my years of going for shows I have never quite seen anything like this, it was great) yeahh, it was awesometastic, make sure to check it out. it was all shades of good. Show available here. Am thinking to see the lion king when next am in London.

4. Visit adventuredome
official site here

pix from google

5. Go on the big bus tour and drop off at the "welcome to Las Vegas" sign.
Info on the big bus tour is available here. I suggest to get the two days pass, because you get the night tour and boat cruise/ride tour with this ticket and discount on the high roller, the CSI The experience and some free vouchers, definitely worth it.

6. Go on a helicopter ride to Grand canyon
more info of the tour available here this is one thing I didn't get to do that I wasn't quite happy about, that's because, I wanted the grand canyon tour and its atleast 350 ish dollars. I had spent passed my budget limit and decided to untick this from my to do list, but when next am down in Vegas by God's grace, am defo going to be on the helicopter ride. am still well upset thinking about this and typing at the same time, I didn't get to change some more pounds to get on this flight, oh well! next time.

7. Watch the Volcano eruption at the Mirage. it was so good, i couldn't be bothered taking pix or making a video but go see it for yourself and guess what, its free to watch!

8. Visit MVG and try the gun shooting experience: going on a gun range is really not my thing, phobia for guns and the sound of it makes my skin crawl, going this experience wasn't really my thing but my bestie really wanted to do it so I took part and it felt good to not just hold a live loaded gun but also to actually shoot it. good experience to try out as well. More info about their site here

9.  Take a walk on the strip at night and enjoy its beauty.

10. Go on the High Roller. you can get this as a deal with the bus tour. and i heard its the tallest roller coaster in the world. enjoy the beauty of Vegas, you might want to for to the VIP bar option. its such a good experience, sorry no pix, or could not get any nice pix that was blogworthy.

11. Go for a meal in one of the hotel restaurants on the strip, definitely try this out, but be aware that its quite an expensive adventure especially if your doing this everyday, but if your cash flow is unlimited, please feel free after all, they say you only live once.

12. Visit to the -5degree bar
I thought this was a fab idea when I heard the name and decided to try it out, everything in the bar is literally made out of ice even the cup your drinking from, is made of ice. well... except the person serving you drinks. how do people even think of things like this anyways? its such a fab experience. loved it. more info on their site here
13. Visit the 800 degrees Pizza restaurant
when you are a foodie and here things like this, your belly leaps for joy. when you get into the restaurant, you order your pizza, it cooks at 800 degree and before you eventually get a sit, your pizza is right there waiting for you. how cool does that sound? erhmmm but sadly, I didnt get the time to stop by this place even though its literally just next door minus5 degree bar, we had too much to do.
more details of them here

14. Fremont Street Experience: there are loads of free things to do here, daily free shows, music and concerts that take place here every evening, while you are there, you can also watch the Viva Vision; this is a display of millions of Led lights along with music across the 1500 foot long video screen beside the mall. One more thing to try out here, its not free but it looks interesting is the Slotzilla's zip line, more info available here, i almost tried it out but had a change of mind as soon as i got there, i wasnt ready to get stuck midway on the line, lol.

15. Visit the thousands of Casinos on the strip and play responsibly.

I guess you didn't notice I mentioned 15 things to do while in Vegas, I got caught up with this list. Most hotel concierge would usually provide you with things you can try out, another resource I found useful was getting the bus tour, they mention every place you can try out and give you some free vouchers and discounts to other tourist attraction, so make sure you get on  the big bus tour.

there's many more things to do but I can only write this much, feel free to mention anything you found super interesting when you visited in prep for my next visit. ahahahaha, it was so good am planning a summer visit, but not this year dou!

First Vegas post: Vegas through my Lens

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Stay Blessed

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