Summer Wishlist 2015

By Unknown - May 25, 2015

Hey Everyone, Hope you having a great Monday and a relaxing bank holiday for those in the UK. I have been doing quiet a bit of online window shopping and have come across quiet a few things I have been craving for and thought I would make them into a list and see how many I can put together for summer. its not exactly summer in my part of the world with the rain coming down on a constant, so I guess I can have some or maybe all, before the summer is over.

1. Gladiator Sandals: I have been serious eyeing craving (crave? do people crave for shoes?) these shoes recently, been eyeing them on justfab for some days now and would need to lay my hands on them like yesterday, I love them shoes. this is babies are defo tops on my wishlist.


2. Sequin clutch: I just love this clutch, having more than one doesn't hurt which is why it had to be in my list.
 3. Print/patterned dress: love the simplicity of this dress and thought, I just might make one for myself soon, one of the many advantages of been a DIY freak, pheww.!
4. Designer bags: am not forced about names but a little named bag every now and then does me no harm but does my account some harm (*singing* my mind is telling me yessss! but my account is telling me nooo!) i do like bags in this form, so would love to have one in my closet pretty soon. 
5. Neck piece: I seem to be loving the idea of this chunky neck piece, they accentuate the beauty of a simple bare neck outfit and make it look more classy/chic. having multiples of it, would be purrrfect.


6. Make-up set: am not a big makeup fan, i can go for few hours, maybe days without makeup, but having a set like this just looks good already.
7. Holiday on the beach: OMG.!  Like, I have had this page open for some days now on my laptop, just so I stare at the pictures and smile to myself, is it just me that engages in this obsessed act? well, my summer wont be exactly complete with a proper beach holiday, and this houses/hotel/huts whatever is called on water givesss a gurl some lifeee, This is somewhere in Maldives.
8. Travel Set: A travel luggage set to complete the summer holiday is defo on my wishlist and having a few more doesn't hurt, so why not.!

So here ends my Ojukokoro (meaning 'greed') list and I hope to be able to tick them all when summer is over. Thanks for reading.

Stay Blessed.


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