Hotel Cincotta in Panarea Review and Beach Day

By Unknown - May 17, 2015

Hotel Review
In my last post, I did mention the next post would be a hotel review and my day out on the beach. So I stayed at Hotel Cincotta in Panarea and it was an amazing experience, it’s close to, more like, next to the port and the hotel offers a pick up and drop off service. They also offer locally made buffet breakfast which I very much enjoyed, it also has an outdoor pool which gets the water directly from the sea and it’s quite salty. The best part about the hotel is the view from my room, I managed to watch the sunrise from my balcony and the view is epic.



the fact that I could watch the sunrise from my room, was too cute.
Beach Day
I went to the beach like almost every day, to tan my already tanned skin lol and enjoy some of the sunshine which I hardly get in the part of the world I live in, I managed to squeeze some hand selected and approved shots loool.


Beachwear: H & M

Stay Blessed

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  1. This is a place I wouldn't mind staying at all. Beautiful place and view. Great shots, Beautiful. :)

    1. IKR, its worth every moment. Thanks May :)


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