Girls in the City + Bloggers collaboration!

By Unknown - August 04, 2017

Hey loves, hope we had a great week, time to chill. Its been one of those super busy week couldn't wait for Friday already! 
Anyways, from the title of this blogpost you know
what the post is about, if you missed the last collaboration i did in London, you can catch up here but this time,
I had to do it at home (Manchester), I teamed up with these amazing ladies on ways to wear an African print on a brunch date and we put together theses pieces available here. It was such a fun day out, we laughed so hard (if it wasnt obvious in the pix) and we had brunch after, it was such a fun day, you can find some BTS moments on my IG page here.

Meet the Bloggers (and go check them out to see more pictures)

Wearing the Sheila Off shoulder top set Available here and here
Chichi blogs here and Instagram here

Wearing the Zainab off shoulder maxi dress available here and here
Ann-Marie blogs here and Instagram here

 Wearing the Zina off shoulder dress available here and  here
Steph blogs here and instagram here

  wearing the Ukeme Midi dress available here and here


Photos were taken by Cobbyshots available on facebook here, and Instagram here and Farai available on Instagram here.

which style is your favourite?

Thanks for stopping by.

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Stay Blessed

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  1. Great collaboration! You ladies rock! You know I was in Sale, Manchester. We could have met up :(.

  2. Hope your weekend is going great Ifiok!

  3. I love how your girls chose to wear colorful outfits! It's so full of life! :)

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  4. I love those dresses.

  5. I love those dresses.


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