It Takes a Village to Build a Brand: My SS17 Collection + Brand New Website

By Unknown - June 07, 2017

Hi Everyone, Hope your doing great, from the title of this blog post and if you follow me on social media (if you are not already following us, click here to see whats new), you know
my brand has just launched its summer collection yayyy, but thats not the only excitement, we also have a fresh new website *drumroll please* check it out here (our etsy store here is still fully functional, in case you are wondering). Go check out the website and see what I have been up to. 
I have had this business for a little over a year now, we had our first ever summer collection which I blogged about here (the response and sales have been overwhelming, cant be more grateful) and its been gotten better since then.

Starting a clothing line was not something I dreamt, imagined or even thought about, I literally just fell into it, while working full time and looking for something to do in the evenings after work to keep me outta trouble lol, I bought my first sewing machine (and I have bought 4 more since then including an industrial sewing machine which has been one of my biggest investments this year), went to University of arts London for a couple of weeks to learn a few sewing tips and tricks, I also learnt how to work with pattern from Manchester arts and craft over the weekend and I also went to Nigeria for a few months to do some more learning, I have also been taking online sewing courses every so often, the learning never ends indeed  ( i have had way too may questions about this, so here you have it). I have had lots of friends ask how I manage to combine a full time job and come back in the evenings and weekends to sew, i would like to think that, when your addicted (for lack of a better word) to something, you always make out time for it, you literally go all out on it. That was me and my brand which I am still nursing.

Late last year after my first runway show which i blogged about here, I had a lot of contacts and people asking about my website and I thought it was time to have a website for the brand. I looked around for all the available options the web had to offer and finally settled with the easiest and most convenient option. I spent so many sleepless nights working on the theme for the website, BTW its a shopify platform ( I have had loads of questions about this) yes I did every design on the site myself, My IT degree/HTML knowledge was super useful and when you have a bestie that is an IT nerd plus super supportive, its a big plus. I also created all the patterns and made every single outfit in the collection with my bare hands (sometimes i shock myself with the things i come up with and I thank God for strength and wisdom).

A wise man once said; it takes a village to build a brand and I also want to use this medium to say a massive thank you to all the models that took part in shooting for this collection and to my awesome photographers that always delivers, makeup artists and my virtual assistants ( I need a real life assistant and intern now). I was not sure how I was going to pull all this through with the financial implications that was going to be involved but Lines, i mean lines fell in pleasant places for me and I couldn't be more thankful.

Warning: in order not to have a picture overloaded blog, I had to proper select the pictures to upload here, to see the other pictures, go check out my website and etsy store and follow my Instagram page and Facebook page (link is at the end of this post).

We are also giving all our customers 20% off everything on the site to celebrate our new website launch and summer collection, this is also available on our etsy store, using code SUMMER20 ends on the 10th of June.
please dont forget to leave a comment and let me know what you think of my new collection.

Thanks for stopping by.

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Stay Blessed

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    1. Hey babe, congratulations on your site and the etsy store. You have such beautiful pieces!


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