Talk Thursday: Seeing others through the eyes of Love

By Unknown - March 17, 2016

Hey people, hope you're well, its one of those my let's talk moments, So I was listening to a talk show last night and the guy said something like, he had never known his father or never had anyone teach/ show him how to be a man, that's why he turned out to be a regular jail guest with several baby mamas, I wanted to see what people had to say and as a serious aproko ( this is a colloquialism for someone who likes to read/listen to gossip gist) I quickly ran to the comments section to read the comments, I wasn't sure what kind of reaction people would have but really, I wasn't so much surprised at people reactions/comments, I read some interesting comments like, 'I am also in the same situation with you, and didn't act that same way, grow up and be a man'. another said, don't blame anyone for how your life turned out, that's what losers do, give excuses'. Wait.! what! really?  

Similarly, I watched a YouTube video awhile back about a lady that was sexually molested when she was young and that led her to sleeping around because there is nothing worth saving herself for, the comments flowed in with most people judging her situation and saying how they wont have handled it in the same way, which made me think to write this post.

I remembered awhile back from a place I work, the manager there was everything a manager should be, she was all shades of nasty, not just to me but to everyone else, I always liked to just give her a piece of my mind every time I got the moment like seriously, I ain't gat time or strength for that. After awhile, I stopped to think, I was like this lady didn't always use to act this way, there has to be an issue, fast forward to 3 weeks after, we resigned from the job, we later found out that, she not only lost her baby, she was also going through a serious divorce, which is why the place to take out the frustration was at work and we often see this things happen a lot, and we always have the intention to just give it to them piping hot without realising that there has to be a story behind the attitude and the way people act regarding a situation is always different to how we would act towards it. while we might be strong in some areas, we might be weak in others and need to come to terms with that.

 A minister of the gospel I listen to very often said, if you need to see others through the eyes of love we wont treat/judge them the way we do. I totally agree with this, its easy for us to sit on our Judging throne and dish out judgement but we need to realise that everyone has different capacity.

 We should as much as possible try and be a source of encouragement to people, give excuse for them doing what they do that's why Jesus said forgive your brother seventy times seven times (Matthew 18: 21-22)) and think about it this way, if they have handled it this way, that's probably the best they could. Life would be a much better place to live in if we cut some slacks and forgive more often, don't expect people to handle situations the way you would.

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