Highlight of my 2015 adventurous trips

By Unknown - January 06, 2016

Hey people, Happy new year, this post is long over due, I have had this saved in my draft for like weeks now, so its time to let it out! Blog post for today is going to be short and sweet (I like this phrase, short and sweet! lol), so this is me reminiscing on how great last year was, am grateful to be alive and have the best people in my life and been on not a lot of adventurous holidays but a handful of some really fantastic ones. so I'll jump right into it.

First stop is my trip to Belfast!
I went to Belfast during Easter with me besties and I had the time of my life, I didn't blog about it, because  I didn't go with my camera and didn't think my phone pictures was clear enough so yeah, I was at the titanic and the Giant causeway and dont have any pix at the moment not even in my archive! *sad face*anyway,..

Next stop; Panarea, Italy!
OMG! This had to be the best so far (this was my best trip last year, "so far" well almost, more like second best) I wont be wrong if I say this is one beautiful paradise of an island.! the view from my hotel room over looking the sea, was all shades of awesome. After touring all of Europe, Ill be revisiting this place, I just loved every minute of it here, like I loved it so much it felt unreal... to catch up on this post if you missed it previously, go and feed your eyes here and here

Third Stop; Munich, Germany!
I found myself in Munich on a beautiful weekend cos my friend went for a conference and as I love to travel, I decided to tag along, and had such an awesome time, it went by too quickly sadly.! If you missed my previous blog post about this, you can catch up here

Fourth Stop; Nigeria!
Erhmmm this was not exactly an adventurous holiday but I just had to add it on to this list. So, I went for my brother's wedding and had a really good time, plus added a new sister to my list of sisters, so yeah, that was adventurous for me.
the crew

am not quite sure what my brother was doing here!
Fifth Stop; Center pacs, England.
I didn't have to go far to have an adventurous holiday, My colleague at work gave me a list of places to visit in England and this was right at the top of my list so I decided to try this out, although I thought it was more for couples with family or a group of many friends, but how wrong was I, getting into this forest felt like I was in a different world and I completely enjoyed my stay here and tried out some new things, I tried snorkelling for the first time in a swimming pool dou! I need to take this out to the sea very soon!. Oh Lawd how I love to travel. I didn't blog about this previously so no more pix sorwi!

my first ever snorkelling, am taking it to the sea next time.!
LASTLY! am really excited about this one!
As I am still trying to recover from this trip as I only just got back and went straight into work, am not going to give you any detail about this, so I would leave you in suspense, hahaha, till my next blog post, so stay tuned.! Quick tip, this was my best trip and if you follow me on instagram , you might have seen some pix already.!

Right People! thanks for taking time out of your busy schedules to read my blog and leave great comments.

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Stay Blessed

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  1. Very beautiful places.... I am inspired by your blog to plan for a vacation this summer. Keep chilling and please always remember to update us with pictures.

    1. Thanks Yarima!, yeah, time to plan for summer vacay :)

  2. Girl you had a fun and adventurous 2015. Italy is beautiful. The next vacation I take, will be without my camera cos I just want to relax and have fun. Great post, glad you finally shared it.


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