Travel Thursday: My Germany Travel Diary

By Unknown - July 28, 2015

This post has been long over due, I was in Germany, munich to be precise, sometime last month just to chill and I thought to share some pictures of where I went and my experience during my trip. Its been over a month I had been away and when you decide to take over a thousand pictures in one weekend, its a real struggle to select the ones to upload. 

My Visit to Marienplatz

 The is one of the main attraction/place in Munich, at 12pm and 5pm when the clock goes off, am sure there were almost a thousand people on the ground watching the clock strike the hour and the statues moving (things that fascinate people dou, lol)

My Visit to the Jewish Synagogue

My Visit to the Allianz Arena
I definitely have a new football team, when i visited Barcelona football stadium, I became a Barcelona supporter but after my visit to Bayern Munich football stadium I have had a change of mind and decided to have a change of football team, lol.

The original Trophy on display before its put behind the glass, the taste of success feels good.! something definately triggered in my mind when I held this Trophy.

                                      where the players come out from to the football field
                                      Photo Credit: My travelmate and Partner in crime (U.O)

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