My Curiosity in a name: The sexiest WC in the world

By Unknown - January 31, 2015

This post is long over due and has been sitting in my draft for the last 31 days. 
For the most part of December and this month I have been on holiday and also been trying to adapt to some environmental changes, hence the fewer than normal blog post. Anyways, I was in Lisboa, portugal to sight see and chill before getting to my final travel destination, I came across this post, while i was out and about
Something in me thought I should go in and see what happens in this WC, I honestly thought I would experience something besides using the WC/Toilet, but I was not overly impressed, my high hopes was dashed in some kind of way and so was my travel mate. As I didn't intend to use the toilet, but just wanted to see what went on inside, I decided to take some pictures, in the toilet, yes in the "sexiest WC in the world" lol. I wonder where the name was coined from, its probably just the many fancy tissue paper they had on display which was the only thing I thought was "too cute". I wasn't the only curious tourist that day, I saw other people breezing in an out of the WC.

I left there thinking to myself, the power of a name though, I wonder how many curious people like me go in just to see what happens in there not necessarily to use the toilet.



Words have meaning and names have power.  Author Unknown

My Next Post would be MY Portugal OOTD, Hotel View and Sight seeing view.

Stay Blessed.


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